Bidadari Island


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Bidadari Island
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Bidadari Island

Pulau Bidadari  is one of the many charming islands in the Thousand Island. This beautiful island, formerly known as Pulau Sakit, is located close to the capital city,approximately 15 kilometers (or 20 minutes) away from Marina Ancol by speedboat. BIdadari island lies in the middle of a cluster of small islands, among which are Pulau Onrust , Pulau Khayangan, Pulau Kelor  and Pulau Ayer.

Because of its natural beauty as well as its historic attractions, Pulau Bidadari is at present being developed as a tourist destination. With only six hectares in area, Pulau Bidadari is a small island. You could walk from one end to the other in under two hours.

The beaches of Pulau Bidadari display beautiful, white, sand, and crystal clear sea water. There are also several mangrove forests where you will have the opportunity to see many rare and exotic plants, such as Baringtonia exels , willows, Pempis acidula, Diospyros maritama and Glodokan trees.


  • Accomodation
  • Restaurant
  • Sport facilities (basketball court, soccer/futsal, table tennis)
  • Cycling